Lady Dior Small Bag Pink Lambskin Leather

Lady Replica Dior handbags lambskin three grid, it is also clever, my first treasure is it, ah, really good water this money. Originally wanted to buy three white or gray, or gray cloth. The results met with cardamom powder, it is so beautiful. In fact, before buying a lot of people say that lady is not practical, but I as a standard Libra must be lost in the value of this aspect.

Say back this bag. Material: lambskin texture, although the squeamish, but the cortical fullness, the absolute softness of a good one. Wear resistance: knock blackboard, lambskin biggest problem is soft but easy to cut rub, every time carefully take, after all, I usually too much careless. So wear really is slightly worse ah. And I have the problem of hand sweat, every time the handle is so afraid of doing it dirty. Weight: as a 6P are not equipped with a small bag, really quite count, the specific weight did not say, there are metal chain and logo, and invisible increase their weight. Capacity: nice enough, because I use 6s so that the phone, short wallet, paper towel lipstick, these can be put down enough. Disadvantages: Lady Dior three grid because of the relatively small reason, so the replica bag tote itself is also small opening, take the release of things is not very convenient. Advantages: the United States and the United States feel that I saved the clothes of countless ladies. With nude color, white skirt simply ah. This is really beautiful, believe me.
Replica Dior Handbags
The most popular the most classic, you want to choose a large point of it! Lady Replica Dior Bags beige patent leather classic five models DIOR Lady Dior, this Lady dior really bought quite a long time, about 6 years, the most classic size five Ge, beige patent leather is very wild. Appearance color: Dior home classic quilting Ling check design, CD-type semi-circular handle, with the same color patent leather shoulder strap, with gold Dior Logo really fine! Patent leather luster texture with zipper at the delicate lambskin, very elegant; bottom four corners with four metal rivets support, easy to place, and wear.
Replica Dior Handbags
Size: size 24 * 20 * 11cm, square, cute and type ~ internal details: bag lining is Replica Dior handbags classic jacquard pattern, the wall has a zipper-style dark pocket can be loaded cards, small wallet and other valuables ~ capacity : Girls generally need basic equipment, such as: lipstick, cell phone, paper towels, sunglasses, wipes, makeup powder or air cushion foundation, a small mirror, etc. ~ Weight: This bag because of their material, workmanship and hardware The problem of weight is a bit heavy, probably less than one kilogram, but compared to beauty, this is ignored.
Replica Dior Handbags
Shortcomings and improvements: 1. Because it is zipper design (my old), loaded things and taken out is not very convenient, compare the card hand, but the new has changed the design, become clamshell, so like the little partners To quickly start the new bar ~ 2. patent leather and other colors if the items placed together for a long time easier to dye, I have a little bit, but to look carefully to see, so use her little fairy please carefully carefully ~ 3. The top of the zipper position is easy to fouling the plane, so when the best time to use breathable dust bag Oh ~ In short, this Lady Dior I personally still love, beautiful, elegant, gas field, type, wild In one! So classic, absolutely can not miss!
Replica Dior Handbags
I heard that sheepskin is more fragile so choose a patent leather, but I found that patent leather is not very good care. Originally wanted three cells, but it is too small to think that is not enough, so the last election of five grid, five cells in fact I think the sheepskin is more beautiful, three grid of patent leather is more beautiful, so in fact this is too bright for me, Did not imagine what is good, but married a red bag out of the frequency of the mirror is relatively high. I use not too often, did not find that we said the deformation and dyeing phenomenon, in general, more temperament sheepskin, patent leather gas field, five lattice sheepskin look better, three grid patent leather is simply too fine, if let me Election may be black sheepskin.

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