Lady Dior Small Bag Pink Lambskin Leather

Lady Replica Dior handbags lambskin three grid, it is also clever, my first treasure is it, ah, really good water this money. Originally wanted to buy three white or gray, or gray cloth. The results met with cardamom powder, it is so beautiful. In fact, before buying a lot of people say that lady is not practical, but I as a standard Libra must be lost in the value of this aspect.

Say back this bag. Material: lambskin texture, although the squeamish, but the cortical fullness, the absolute softness of a good one. Wear resistance: knock blackboard, lambskin biggest problem is soft but easy to cut rub, every time carefully take, after all, I usually too much careless. So wear really is slightly worse ah. And I have the problem of hand sweat, every time the handle is so afraid of doing it dirty. Weight: as a 6P are not equipped with a small bag, really quite count, the specific weight did not say, there are metal chain and logo, and invisible increase their weight. Capacity: nice enough, because I use 6s so that the phone, short wallet, paper towel lipstick, these can be put down enough. Disadvantages: Lady Dior three grid because of the relatively small reason, so the replica bag tote itself is also small opening, take the release of things is not very convenient. Advantages: the United States and the United States feel that I saved the clothes of countless ladies. With nude color, white skirt simply ah. This is really beautiful, believe me.
Replica Dior Handbags
The most popular the most classic, you want to choose a large point of it! Lady Replica Dior Bags beige patent leather classic five models DIOR Lady Dior, this Lady dior really bought quite a long time, about 6 years, the most classic size five Ge, beige patent leather is very wild. Appearance color: Dior home classic quilting Ling check design, CD-type semi-circular handle, with the same color patent leather shoulder strap, with gold Dior Logo really fine! Patent leather luster texture with zipper at the delicate lambskin, very elegant; bottom four corners with four metal rivets support, easy to place, and wear.
Replica Dior Handbags
Size: size 24 * 20 * 11cm, square, cute and type ~ internal details: bag lining is Replica Dior handbags classic jacquard pattern, the wall has a zipper-style dark pocket can be loaded cards, small wallet and other valuables ~ capacity : Girls generally need basic equipment, such as: lipstick, cell phone, paper towels, sunglasses, wipes, makeup powder or air cushion foundation, a small mirror, etc. ~ Weight: This bag because of their material, workmanship and hardware The problem of weight is a bit heavy, probably less than one kilogram, but compared to beauty, this is ignored.
Replica Dior Handbags
Shortcomings and improvements: 1. Because it is zipper design (my old), loaded things and taken out is not very convenient, compare the card hand, but the new has changed the design, become clamshell, so like the little partners To quickly start the new bar ~ 2. patent leather and other colors if the items placed together for a long time easier to dye, I have a little bit, but to look carefully to see, so use her little fairy please carefully carefully ~ 3. The top of the zipper position is easy to fouling the plane, so when the best time to use breathable dust bag Oh ~ In short, this Lady Dior I personally still love, beautiful, elegant, gas field, type, wild In one! So classic, absolutely can not miss!
Replica Dior Handbags
I heard that sheepskin is more fragile so choose a patent leather, but I found that patent leather is not very good care. Originally wanted three cells, but it is too small to think that is not enough, so the last election of five grid, five cells in fact I think the sheepskin is more beautiful, three grid of patent leather is more beautiful, so in fact this is too bright for me, Did not imagine what is good, but married a red bag out of the frequency of the mirror is relatively high. I use not too often, did not find that we said the deformation and dyeing phenomenon, in general, more temperament sheepskin, patent leather gas field, five lattice sheepskin look better, three grid patent leather is simply too fine, if let me Election may be black sheepskin.

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram V Bag

One of Replica Louis Vuitton handbags, Neverfull’s handbag uses the Monogram canvas created by Mr. George Vuitton in 1896 to express his tribute to his father, Mr. Louis Vuitton. At the same time on both sides of the handbag leather belt by the first of its interior design inspiration from the suitcase. In the inside of the Neverfull handbag, the brand name is marked with the handwriting “Louis Vuitton”, and its inspiration comes from the Louis Vuitton ad design in 1905.

2013, the luxury of Epi leather launched a new Neverfull medium handbags, 2015 Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram V Bag M41601 it is very suitable for everyday use. This perfect handbag is very practical, will be tied on the lace tied, but also make it even more sophisticated, as a stylish city handbags. The new Epi Neverfull medium handbag, also added a handy small handbag, while focusing on practicality at the same time, let the classic once again turned fashion new. You can easily remove it from the D-ring, to help you properly store the phone and carry small things.

Neverfull used Epi leather retains the original Epi leather logo lines, but feel more soft and mellow, with matte coating, so its shape will change with the use of the owner to bring the mark. Neverfull handbags are also one of the basic styles of Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Mon Monogram personalized service, guests can according to their own preferences, the name of the abbreviation and selected color stripes printed on the Neverfull handbags, and choose with the color stripes has been the inner lining canvas , A complete possession of their own handbags!

Neverfull Replica handbags elegant and casual, full of feminine sense of the contour structure of the perfect combination of functionality and design in one. Whether it is free shopping or travel travel, can be a perfect companion on the road. In the design, as a result of the use of the Monogram canvas and open design, so that the bag is portable and amazing capacity, the other inside the metal ring design, but also easy to wallets and other small leather buckle buckle on it, to prevent the loss at the same time convenient At any time access.

Epi leather was born in 1985, as Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags first leather series, it was inspired by the 1920s, the brand for the Indian royal family designed tea box. Epi means wheat ear, surface texture reminiscent of the breeze blowing through the formation of the waves of wheat. Verfull medium handbag design inspiration from Louis Vuitton in the 20th century, a well-known 60-year advertising. Mongram canvas mix fashionable “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez avec les Valises Louis Vuitton” prints.

¬†Neverfull can be said that it is both a street bag is also entry, the basic staff of a. Seems to want to put all the feelings of women, desire, sexy, charming and put into it. But the human desire is always filled with dissatisfaction, the desire to spread the day can only be all the thought to pack into this name is neverfull’s handbag. Neverfull series named after its large capacity, it was said that the size of it can be loaded with a baby. Its lightweight leather at the same time with a foldable, good care and many other advantages, it has become the basic necessities of the basic models. In 2013, Louis Vutiion launched the EPI color series neverfull series, stunning global.

Product Name: V word NEVERFULL medium handbag
Material: Mongram canvas
Product Color: Brown
Product number: M41602
Product Size: 32 x 29 x 17 cm
Monogram canvas, cotton textile lining, leather trim, gold-plated brass trim, built-in removable zipper bag and hook
Louis Vuitton LV V word NEVERFULL medium handbag
Current Designer: (Nicolas Ghesquiere)

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Gucci Bamboo Daily Medium Leather Top Handle Bag Black

Bamboo daily handbag series ultimate simplicity, but also no lack of appeal, the exquisite design and casual elegance blend. This handbag is made of soft leather, together with the traditional method made of black enamel bamboo decoration, called the synonymous with luxury. Bamboo Daily handbag series ultimate simplicity, and there is no lack of attractive, elegant design and casual elegance blend. This handbag is made of soft leather, with traditional methods made of black enamel bamboo decoration, just as its name, is the perfect choice for everyday bags. Orange Leather Palladium-colored metal accessory with same color baiadera linen cotton lining Made in Italy Clamshell closure with dark painted bamboo detail Hand-drawn edge hand-stitched side Magnet detail adjustable Detachable shoulder strap.

Every luxury will have a masterpiece of the famous classic, Gucci Bamboo Daily Medium Leather Top Handle Bag Black, SPEEDY is the classic LV, and Replica Gucci Handbags classic is BAMBOO bamboo bag, we all know Gucci bag bamboo design Is very famous, but also as the brand is relatively early to know the elements. Although the classic element is not falling in the fashion, but for our fashion brand, or should advance with the times, because the fashion aesthetic and fashion is always changing, can be described as changing, surface On the increasingly fierce competition in the market, if not able to transform and seize the lifeblood of fashion, then the fans will lose the hearts of young products is that we want to carry out a luxury for the re-design and review, the following replica bag tote with the beautiful replica bag tote name network together feel the new fashion feast, this pile of classic tribute to the new BAMBOO bamboo bag, there is always a taste for you.

Last year, Gucci bag on the introduction of a relatively young products, new holiday series of this backpack, we can also call the old material with the new skin. In our bamboo bag on the basis of the BAMBOO series, based on the leather with a different mix of new ideas, but also to make our bags more innovative style. Especially as a backpack, the more young fashion, both Replica Gucci Bags classic elements of the shadow of this design in there, there are very new ideas and design, this is our classic and perfect combination of classic fashion demonstration, but also Very popular now a content.

After improved this backpack Gucci bag, announced the backpack is not only a student of the exclusive and patented, more fashion to make it revitalize the fashion revitalization, and the sense of fashion to its style with different styles Clothing is very appropriate. Especially the small tassel elements to join, so that the whole design are more innovative. Relaxed and happy design, so that young friends are able to put into the design inside. BAMBOO is a fascinating series of women deserve, each paragraph BAMBOO replica bag tote section has a symbol of the bamboo elements, on the map rose red leather large bamboo sac gucci Gucci bamboo shoulder bag, also adds a tassel decoration, is not girls Star Street Tour Travel concave new fashion favorite.

Bamboo Shopper handbag is Replica Gucci Bags in May 2013 for its iconic elements – bamboo introduced by the new style, it’s the bamboo handle will also come out of this classic upgrade to a new fashionable height. In early spring 2015, creative director Frida Giannini together with Canadian artist Chris Knight for the Gucci 2015 early spring series to re-create the brand’s most classic Flora pattern. Flora pattern is characterized by the new: Frida navy blue, black and crayon color for the fabric background, and the color of the Flora pattern contrast, the formation of a sharp contrast to the visual.

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Bvlgari Serpenti Snake Veins Leather Shoulder Bag Red

SERPENTI FOREVER series handbags, whether it is flip shoulder bag or multi-purpose handbags, has become a fashion trend in the city. The highlights of this year’s design, is derived from the precious stones in the color of the Royal Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red into the series. Multi-level structure highlights the three-dimensional effect of handbag design, and the eternal city of Rome, a solid heritage echoes. Matte metal materials need to go through the 16-color leather process, in order to form its iconic “cloud of ash” effect, SERPENTI bright shine will not fade away.
Scale Yan sewing mesh embroidery handbags with two V-type embroidery and overlapping embroidery way to interpret the concept of snake scales. Bvlgari Serpenti Snake Veins Leather Shoulder Bag Red 605 When the cover opened, the soft and symmetrical texture coincides with its own contrast, is the designer’s touch on the touch of the pen. Bold geometry and solid architectural sense of lines based on sophisticated and sophisticated leather cutting process and the timeless desert quartz, amethyst and striking black and gold with the use of. Bright gem and Bvlgari superb leather processing skills, the perfect combination of the shape of the black agate with gold frame embedded in the leather. Blue green topaz stone color, sunflower yellow water crystal and desert quartz color are used in several colors of this design. SERPENTI pearl skin three-dimensional frame handbag to a French craftsman and he designed for Louis XV palace named. Bvlgari using the traditional dyeing method, so that it eventually shows the diamond color and touch, as if covered with precious stones in general, the achievements of the classic Bulgari style. At the same time, the tote bag replica on the architectural sense of frame and delicate leather craft also exudes Bvlgari superb design process.

Snake solid body and identification of high triangular snake head is SERPENTI VIPER series of creative inspiration, the series is SERPENTI family’s new series. Bag buckle inlaid with sparkling enamel, snake’s two peacock fangs are responsible for guarding your valuables. The detachable leather shoulder strap on the back of the hand or shoulder is soft and comfortable. Exquisite and elegant calfskin shiny, style, including black, blue topaz color, amethyst, desert quartz and royal peacock stone color, and bright black models and calfskin can be more interesting. Double cover also decorated with two colors, the bottom of the black calfskin, the upper decorative snake-like black triangle trim. Black and white enamel decorative snake scales, and malachite buckle connected to open the bag can be seen inside the sheepskin lining, filling luxury.

Smooth calfskin and shiny python leather handbags exclusive rare skin material, is the best definition of luxury. Upper cover covered with shiny back to snake skin, with a special process for the second color, gilt for drops. Discontinuous polishing to present a more natural, original scale effect, retaining the essence of snake. Astrakhan lambskin calfskin series with a strong sense of contrast texture, Astrakhan lambskin touch and calfskin luster that it has become a Bvlgari luxury Pieces. The glossy crocodile skin is made of polished crocodile leather that has been polished for more than 50 days in a tanning drum. This makes the surface rough and smooth. The edge of the scales raised, leaving the ultimate touch of crocodile skin, followed by the suppression and coating to make more shiny leather.

Gradient python skin series also uses the valuable back to cut snake skin, need to tannage drum 8 hours softening cortex. The first layer of color is the basis of the entire process: manual inkjet black pigment to form a gradual weakening of the color changes, carefully pressed polished leather color and Perspicio buckle brand color integration. These with hazy drowsiness color gradually faded into black, handbags as if to gradually fade the night, into the dawn. Glitter python series also with a mysterious atmosphere, flashing golden shimmer, the use of discrete polishing process to present a more natural flake effect, retaining the original beauty. Spuntatura technology, the use of leather to suppress and soften, are exotic snake skin texture of the secret.

SERPENTI Tubogas Bvlgari handbags is the perfect craftsmanship of the perfect presentation. Unique retractable snake-like Tubogas handle fully demonstrated the delicate and delicate gold jewelry Bvlgari process, which has become the jewelry master of the iconic process. Elegant snake headset inlaid with black enamel, stirring the charm of the United States and the iconic SERPENTI series regardless of competition. The introduction of amethyst, ruby-colored pearl skin and black gold lizard skin-three models, while highlighting the more elegant noble taste. Soft lambskin as lining, bringing the ultimate soft experience. Bulgari evening bag series is the bright stars in the night sky, is your masterpiece of 2016 will be selected.

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Replica Fendi By The Way Large Satchel Bag Gray

Since Replica Fendi bag debut in 2014 autumn and winter T stage, I think, the future soon, this bag will be able to fire up. Look because it is full of three-dimensional profile shape, body abundance, but in the process line and very neat, it really is lovable.

BY THE WAY shoulder bag versatile red berry BY THE WAY calfskin shoulder bag, Replica Fendi Bag Gray handle attached to the top and palladium metal decorative details. made in Italy. Gifts packet generation changed his generation, want to succeed in all famous and won the favor of the lady, beautiful appearance alone is not enough, and must have a good record and famous name. Early autumn tote bag shall FENDI new appearance of By The Way, for this reason has a super funny name, makes one memorable than a bunch of hard to remember a mouthful of designer bags, the first to have successfully courting.

Replica Fendi Handbags

FENDI since early autumn series debut By The Way Pure calfskin handbag, immediately get attention and love each trend of people. In the coming autumn and winter, the brand launched more exciting By The Way handbags, reflecting the brand new modern style, with stylish girl and the young lady will be personalized. Name handbags inspired by its function to carry up to four ways: long side backpack shoulder strap, handbags, hand bags, and the arm through the handle of the hand-held mode.

Replica Fendi Handbags

By The Way tote bag shall look simple, compact, lightweight, there are two dimensions. Minimalist design and rounded lines of tone, just like a mini Boston Bag. Using high-quality calfskin, with classic but evergreen black, blue and red, easily costume different style dress. Handbag embroidered on both sides of the handle a type of studs, reflecting the wild rock feel full. Attach removable long shoulder strap shoulder, shoulder and hand, a pack of three bags arrived, no wonder the charm can not be blocked. It is worth mentioning that the metal tag on the tote bag not only decorative, but also import custom concept, customize engraved initials or two letters, plus a lot of points.

Replica Fendi Handbags

The most important is that this matter is a hatchback, single shoulder, hand and can easily “HOLD” live bag, snap-on and just the right length can be detachable straps, almost all meet the daily needs of a a payable for all occasions attendance, reception, banquet! It is because of the powerful, BY THE WAY handbags and now has become the brightest star of the influx of people new favorite. Then with the fur ornaments playful, yet lively fashion sense, their own DIY a different kind of style. By The Way is neither a true single handbag, but also more than a handbag, a doctor is more than quadruple the bag …… but handbags! Simple and elegant appearance, not cumbersome. By-The-Way handbags show themselves extremely high plasticity shape so that you can not wait for the moment to carry. Small and easy to close, hidden inside the universe, with plenty of space, enough to accommodate everyday needs, with two internal partitions and central phone zipper bag. The new Fendi Roma flag hot pressure in front of handbags, customers can more initials engraved on the strap, unique custom boutique style. By the way a major feature is its flexibility handbag, handle design in two sizes to choose from, innovation is the key to amazing function. Large button door and let short studs can easily handle erected, act as a conventional handle, the bag can also be flat against the body, acts as a smaller handbag.

Replica Fendi Handbags

This highly flexible design not only uphold replica fendi handbags brand has been pursuing a dual nature, it shows the designer Silvia Venturini Fendi handbags in the creation of the everyday needs of women into the design. Silvia Replica Fendi bags wealth of creativity more Winter Series By The Way surprise, handbags design combines autumn and winter women series of theme, creating a grid of other trees of the new trend, leading fashion brand to lay status. Soft, fine calfskin simple version using the brand good spell color techniques, another unexpected calfskin handbag with crocodile tail. Furthermore, laden with Tibetan antelope wool and decorated with fluorescent details of the design concept of the perfect interpretation of the Fur Escape, Symphony python leather handbags crocodile back side inlaid just like studs, giving people an unexpected freshness, sections are teaching people put it down.

From morning to night, cool composure. By The Way handbag year round, suitable for any occasion. FENDI handbag absolutely new By The Way is the moment of the influx of people new favorite actress. There is a sense of the full three-dimensional silhouette and delicate texture with leather, but not simple. Even better, this bag has hand, shoulder and hand in three different ways. Such casual and wild fashion items, has become the stars of a good heart.

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