Louis Vuitton Speedy is definitely Louis Vuitton perennial best-selling series at home, but Speedy’s back method is relatively simple, with only hand. Many people accept this point a bit incompetent, after all, a lot of time not empty hands, and want to make a hand to do other things, Speedy can only carrying or holding, too convenient. But I think it would be a feature of Speedy’s it, do not want such a tone that handbags thing. Now balance the views of both sides, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière out of a series, would like to take to the streets carrying Speedy people you should be able to be satisfied it! But the price of this series is a bit blind, had added a strap in addition to outside, Speedy Bandoulière with Speedy basically absolutely no difference. Speedy bag body as the famous Monogram print design, checkered Damier canvas as a material, the overall profile of leather roll bar stereotypes, both to avoid squeezing retaining the smooth lines, brass padlock design stems from the end of the zipper antiques demand for travel bag safety, these are the most classic design Speedy symbols.

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Many girls dream of having one of their own LV bag, it was rolled strip contour shape, smooth shape, simple but yet stylish, worthy of favor by thousands of women. Replica LOUISVUITTON Speedy Handbags successful place, that it has no other LV style so glam, even minimalist sportswear, it can also be a perfect match. LV bag Secret History of the origin of the large, Speedy has a “quick” means, so there is a reason for the name, because the early flagship LV handbag bag. speedy inspired by modern means of transport as well as the rapid development of the fast-paced life that attitude. Speedy 1960s has been very popular, high society became popular “name bag”, and its use from the daily cross-border mobile bag handbag. Today’s speedy 25 for a new look, has become a status symbol. It is high-quality, flexible leather, can easily fold it will not destroy the package type. And it becomes more lightweight and practical, but also very wild, but it had had a strong retro flavor. Over the years has been to create a series of bags speedy sales miracle. England Classic women choose their own bags to more reflect the noble temperament, especially such a classic bag will not only highlight the noble qualities can also highlight your taste.

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Louis Vuitton bag speedy birth of the first paragraph, it is simple and fashionable style immediately attracted the attention of the vast majority of fashion. As more and more people love, it also became a successful transformation of people’s daily use handbag, practicality Speedy large space, just follow the fast-paced approach to life, called movable storage boxes, all women want to hold the dreams inside. Speedy is still using the classic LV Monogram canvas series, circular shape to make the space more spacious handbag. In addition to the old classic LV pattern outside, Speedy also classic chess Plaid, of course, on some limited edition models also use leather and patent leather material. Currently there are four Speedy size, namely the 25th, the 30th, 35 and 40. In general, Speedy size 30 most suitable for use as an everyday handbag, No. 35 and No. 40 is more like a travel bag, and on the 25th of Speedy, it is in 1965, Audrey Hepburn require Henri-Louis Vuitton for her custom-made a trumpet Speedy bag, from, Speedy 25 was born. In general, Speedy 30 will be able to meet the daily needs of handbags, small on the 25th, while No. 35 and No. 40 is closer to the bag, all if you want to invest a classic Speedy long-term use, it is best to choose the 30th Oh. Of course, if you want to have a distinctive Speedy, limited edition, there are many to choose from, such as cherry bag LV 2005 collaboration with Takashi Murakami, and fluorescent graffiti models introduced this year is definitely the perfect combination of fashion and classic . Letters may be the most popular styles of canvas material, but do not think this is the only option. A lot of people do not like to sign printing, for these people, there has plain large square pattern and Epi leather options. Speedys dozens of different leather material, as you choose. If you like plants, then rose, cherry, pop art panda graffiti, can be for you to choose from.

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Replica Louis vuitton bag so much for the series to get the number of the most popular Speedy, investigate its cause has five very tricky. This series is the product of Louis Vuitton bag is the most iconic, this time it has been carefully re-build, the temperament of this series once again completely out of the performance, it was coupled with soft leather noble fur let the bag looks more grades, and the most suitable for ladies to use. Speedy 25 has released a new series of bags, originally elegant and stylish handbags Speedy upgraded incarnations glorious joined Monogram Empreinte stamping calfskin series. Exquisite small bag body, coupled with a practical shoulder strap, since then, your beloved Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag series back method can also have a variety of friends! Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag series retains the golden brass rivets atmosphere, but also designed a new color added to LV Speedy family, this new brown low-key gorgeous bag from its body, you seem to be able to see the LV brand history. This bag is very small, but also very practical. Unique and rare leather Monogram canvas, the material is not a good innovation, including rare leather lizard skin, ostrich skin, rib made of leather, is the ultimate masterpiece of grace and elegance, the shape a little smiley package style.

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Capucines timeless leather handbags is the highest achievement process. Taurillon luxurious soft leather, with moderate hardness handle, connected by perfectly polished metal buckle. There are two practical inner pocket inside. Bags can buckle dual, exposed on the outside of classic Monogram flowers on the inside can reveal the letters LV logo. Ten classic LV bag models are classic popular section of the package. Wild style, no mess with what can easily cope better enhance the overall mix of texture. Timeless, classic bags have been precipitated history, popular for centuries still fade! LV classic style has lv speedy, lv Neverfull, lv Alma, lv Artsy, lv Delightful, lv Annie, lv noe bucket bag, lv keepall, lv Capucines replica, these are the best-selling most classic style. In addition to these models, LV will launch the new quarterly, each out of a new package, after being touted star, they adjourned to the classic style launch mini trumpet section! Which is like lv Alma and lv Capucines, launch mini models were once again hot rush!


For LV bag I believe all women are not familiar with this leather handbags LV TAURILLON is based on the famous street Capucines in Paris named to this process is the highest achievement of leather boot, showing stylish, simple and highly textured style let you feel the magic nature of the creature. United States LV TAURILLON leather handbags but uses a soft luxurious leather Taurillon with moderate hardness handle with metal buckle link together, this LV is unique in that is inside the bag also has two very practical of the inner bag, which is a dual-purpose buckle, snap together with the internal edge of the pocket in the bag LV bag showing natural signs, neither exaggeration but also reflects the value of the bag; the hasp on the outside it is showing the classic Monogram flowers. LV TAURILLON leather handbags for normal size, height 23CM long 36CM wide 14CM, refined, elegant bring out the femininity. The new hot-selling purses Capucines, LV efficiency Faaimashi hunger marketing, Capucines handbag stock status under a predetermined constant. Wrap stiffness, monochrome and elegant appearance, Capucines from cold tone calm formal attire to everyday casual dress can match light, no wonder lovable, but according to the actress bag each frame, deliberately do not cover the whole family from the package, peeped LV decoration, the more casual look better. The new spring and summer pink color also makes people have more choices. LV high-end series of Capucines handbags, elegant atmosphere. Even Miranda can be children also like to use this bag Fun dinner out to the streets shopping, family recreation and other occasions.


Capucines meaningful naming series, from the beginning of 1854 LV venture in rueNeuve-des-Capucines Street opened the first store. Mining Taurillon produce small public appearance stiff leather lines contrast with the soft, silky inner calf, each package requires at least 250 manual processes; elegant chrome also need four steps, each have four degrees Celsius the air-dried and heat-treated to complete; half leather bag decorated mining, semi-metallic material produced special construction method “LV” logo, low-key and people can not be ignored. So delicate process, not noisy noble values, full of timeless brand LV regression trend. Recently, in addition to the Capucines bags, Louis Vuitton also launched Capucines BB packet, which is the classic LV bag Capucines new version, while retaining the classic details of the package shall also added a strap, more practical. The new packet Capucines BB compact appearance, is a classic brand most direct preach! Louis Vuitton brand bags for their popular models released more new releases and new eye-catching full color.


So far include NN14 series, Articles de Voyage series, EPI leather bags in pastel colors and a new packet Capucines BB. Capucines BB bag LV Parnassea actually belong to part of the series, which also includes a pint-sized Sofia Coppola BB packet. The new Capucines BB packet size is only 7.9 × 10.6 inches (about 20 × 27 cm), the appearance is very compact, full details of which retain the classic bag Capucines, only increased the straps, so the more practical! This season, LV Capucines re-launch of LV Capucines BB handbags handbags, handbags for LV Capucines adjourned classic hot styles! LV fashion handbags colorful mini models Capucines BB, both with classic or bold dress are beautiful and charming. With bright silver metal decoration, this Capucines BB bag with detachable long shoulder strap for shoulder or across the body casual style! LV Capucines BB handbags Specifications: 20cm × 27cm × 9cm.


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